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The Webb Law Firm was founded by one of Washington's Top Attorneys, Nathan "Nate" Webb. Mr. Webb is one of six children and grew up just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas. Nate was a Marketing major and received his Bachelors of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from Texas State University in San Marcos (formerly Southwest Texas State University - famous alumni are LBJ and George Strait). He acquired his Juris Doctor from the University of Tulsa College of Law where he was President of the American Bar Association Law Student Division.

Nate owned and operated the Original Home Dog Training (San Antonio, TX; Tulsa, OK; and Seattle, WA), a personal in-home canine obedience training company, for nine years while obtaining his undergraduate and law degrees. 

He is an avid basketball fan and player. He was a member of the Seattle Lawyer's Basketball League Championship team in 2007 and again in 2009. Nate is also a devoted golfer and plays in many tournaments around the Puget Sound. 

Nate has been repeatedly honored as a Super Lawyer Rising Star (2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014) by Washington Law and Politics Magazine and as one of Seattle's Top Attorneys by Seattle Met Magazine (2012 and 2014).  He is also rated as a Superb Attorney by (10.0 out of 10.0).

Nate Webb founded the Webb Law Firm in 2005.  For over 20 years, he has emphasized aggressive representation for clients throughout the state of Washington. He utilizes his tenacity, negotiation skills, and persuasiveness to represent clients throughout the entire process of each case. He is an extremely experienced Seattle Attorney and has successfully litigated over 1000 cases and conducted over 100 jury trials.  

As one of Washington State's best attorneys, he is respected by his peers, judges, police officers, opposing counsel and prosecutors alike. He is devoted to offering caring and personal attention to each client and will demonstrate vigor and aggressiveness when necessary to represent you effectively. Seattle Attorney, Nate Webb, believes in being truthful with each client and will discuss in great detail the merits and drawbacks of each case.

Nate has been a featured speaker at Continuing Legal Education courses in the area of DUI law for both the defense bar and incoming prosecutors and toxicologists. 

Negotiation skills are extremely important when dealing with insurance companies and opposing counsel. Nathan has fine tuned those skills over the years to offer you the best result in your case. With that being said, not every case should be negotiated.  If opposing counsel is refusing to negotiate, Nathan is prepared to pursue the case through jury trial.

Nate Webb, is a member of:

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • American Bar Association
  • Phi Delta Phi Legal Honor Fraternity

He is licensed to practice in the following courts:

  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States District Court (Western District of Washington)
  • Washington State (all courts)

When not in the office, Nate enjoys playing golf, playing his guitar, traveling to new places and spending time with his three children.

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  • True Pro

    Nathan is a true pro, I have a pretty ugly history of DUI, and although it was old it was still affecting my case. I met with many lawyers including those considered “ the best” , most of them made me very uncomfortable, acting as judge and prosecutor when what I needed was defense attorney. I fe...
  • False DUI

    My son was driving friends home through campus when blocked by drunk frat boys, one of which hit him in the head with a stone. They called the police, accusing him of trying to run them over. Long story short, my son assumed since the facts were obvious, together with his injury, lack of any drin...
  • Rescued

    I have never been in trouble of any sort, so you can say I was scared out of my mind! I had been mis-informed by someone that you should refuse all tests to check for alcohol. BIG mistake!! after landing my butt in jail I was informed the next day I would lose my license for one year!! I work 45 ...
  • Terrified

    I was terrified after my DUI. Nate was sympathetic to my fears and was clear with me about what to expect. As a result of Nate’s hard work my DUI was dismissed. I would recommend Nate to anyone. He really is amazing!!
  • Exceptional Negotiation Skills

    Just wanted to thank you for your legal representation of Becky and her MIP charge. You not only saw her and agreed to represent her on short notice, but you always kept her and me informed on what to expect. I don't know what transpired behind the scenes, but I do believe your exceptional negoti...
  • Excellent

    Mr. Webb was excellent! His court presence was phenomenal. It was easy to see that I had by far the best lawyer in the court room. He kept me informed of all the possibilities and gave me the information I needed to make decisions during the entire process. I will have no problem referring others...
  • Routine Traffic Stop

    I was charged with a DUI and resisting arrest on a routine traffic stop that arose from a traffic stop. After being pulled over, I exited my vehicle upon the officers request and made a phone call which resulted in me being tackled from behind. My chances looked very grim. Nathan informed me that...
  • Negligent Driving

    I recently had occasion to hire Mr. Webb to defend me in a case involving a negligent driving first degree criminal infraction. Mr. Webb came highly recommended. During my first interview with Mr. Webb I knew I had made the right choice. He was very knowledgeable about the case law relevant to th...
  • Thank you

    Nate, Thanks! I am so relieved with the outcome of my case. I have full faith in your abilities:) I'll be in touch...thanks again!!!
  • Saved me

    Nate, Thank you Nathan for representing me, you saved me alot of stress and my job. You are a lawyer I can call a friend, you represented me well in court for 2 cases that would of ruined me, Reckless Endangerment and a DUI. You were there for me, whenever I would call and ask a question you hel...
  • Deferred Prosecution client

    Nate Webb was absolutely excellent! I do not think he realizes how appreciative I am of him. I understand I paid him and this is his career but he did a wonderful job. I had a review hearing over a month ago for a DUI. When I got to court was the first time I even heard about what it was for. The...
  • DUI client review

    Mr. Webb. did a great job in representing me in my DUI case. He was very professional and he cared about my situation. He had a great court presence, one that demanded respect, he really went the extra mile so that I got the best outcome. I did not take the breath test and I was able to resume my...
  • Very competent and diligent attorney.

    I had hired Mr. Webb to represent me in my DUI case. I was very satisfied with his services and the final outcome of my case. He spends time listening to you, and promptly responds to all the emails and calls. He truly is the best!!! His legal assistant is amazing, very helpfull and efficient.
  • Awesome attorney!

    Mr. Webb is very knowlegable attorney, My experience with him in regards to my case was excellent and I could not have expected better results. He spends time listening to you, and promptly responds to all the emails and calls. He truly is the best!!! His legal assistant is amazing, very helpfull...
  • Great to work with...

    I was in need of Nate's services for a first time offense, and met with at least three other attorneys before working with him. He is professional, non-judgmental and great to work with. I found the flat fee set up much less stressful than the by-the-hour attorneys, and because my case ended up s...
  • Outstanding attorney

    Mr. Webb is an outstanding Attorney and I would highly recommend to anyone facing a DUI. I was facing some serious charges but Mr. Webb was able to have the charges reduced to Reckless driving. Mr. Webb and his staff are always available to answer any questions and in most cases I was able to com...
  • STRONGLY recommend!

    I was accused of a DUI and Nate worked for more than a year, through one mistrial, to secure a not guilty verdict. Nate is an amazing attorney who kept me informed and moving forward through the incredibly difficult process of taking a case like this to trail. I will STRONGLY recommend Nate to an...
  • Not Guilty DUI Verdict - Cle Elum Court

    Cle Elum Court Case I was referred to Nathan Webb from a personal friend who is a lawyer and sit in judge. Not a fun process for anyone but Mr.Webb was totally on the ball and we had police video to prove the charge was not right. Nathan did not back down when the judge was showing his prefere...
  • Satisfied beyond belief!

    Let's just start with how much I wish I was as good at my job as Mr. Webb is at his. His skills as an attorney are second to none, especially in the DUI field. When I had my incident, it was the scariest day of my life. The minute the handcuffs went on, my heart dropped and my world stopped. I st...
  • Compassionate and Collaborative

    No one wants to hire a DUI attorney, yet DUIs are a fact of life for many and not one that many are proud to share the experience of having gone through. Nate operates from an exceptional playbook of tactics to cover the bases but also personalizes and modernizes his approach based on current cas...
  • W.L. v. State of Washington "thank you"

    This review is not only a personal thank you to Nate but one amazing recommendation to anyone in need of his particular expertise. It's been a long time coming but 4 years ago Nate Webb and his services changed my life! He and his staff when needed were always available and despite my hounding ...
  • Not Guilty after Jury Trial for DUI!

    Excellent DUI atty 5.0 stars Posted by Rodney January 31, 2023 Nate Webb is that excellent DUI attorney I never had a problem with getting in touch with him throughout my DUI case. I highly recommend Nate, and I was found not guilty through a jury trial.
  • Outstanding! Not Guilty Verdict!

    After 6 months of living life with a DUI (operator control) charge hanging in the balance, my case has ended with a win with my DOL hearing and a not guilty verdict at the end of trial. When I was searching for the best lawyer I could find, Nate stood out to me in a big way. Super lawyer is an un...
  • Personal Injury Case - Settled for $28,000

    I had a case in WA, team Webb got me the best results Professionals all around from the time they picked up the first call till the last communication from the attorney with the case closed. I am satisfied all around, thank you a million! #teamWebb
  • Not Guilty! Best Lawyer in Washington State - hands down!

    I was not familiar with attorneys in Washington State, so whomever may be reading this review I wanted to make sure I would select an Attorney who was not only competent and well versed in law but also someone with whom I felt I could trust to represent me to the best of his abilities. Fortunate...
  • No Reservations - Great Attorney!

    August. My DUI charge has been reduced to reckless driving, and I am glad that I chose him as my attorney. And I am offering three reasons why I think so. First, Mr. Webb is a hard-working man who completes his work in a timely manner. His work ethics are sincere and genuine. He provides a high q...
  • Case Dismissed! DUI

    Mr. Webb is extremely professional and is dedicated to his craft. Even though I am not the direct client of his but he helped my family member to get his DUI DISMISSED during pre-trail. Having seen many similar cases ending up with a plea deal, I honestly didn't have a very high expectation but h...
  • Personal Injury Settlement

    I was unsure of the whole process of a lawsuit, and whether I even had a case. Mr. Webb took the time to review my case and concluded I did have a case. He fought hard for me for almost three years and reached a settlement that was life changing for me. I can not recommend him enough. He stayed i...

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