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Redmond DUI Attorney

King County District Court in Redmond, WA is one of the three main District Courts serving the entire county.  It is located in the City of Redmond and hears all types of misdemeanors as well as offers services for obtaining passports, name changes, etc.

Map of Redmond District Court

As experienced Redmond DUI Attorneys, the Webb Law Firm's attorneys are in this courthouse on a weekly basis defending those accused of DUI in the City of Redmond and King County.  Whether it was a Washington State Patrol Trooper or King County Sheriff's Deputy or City of Redmond Police Department Officer who arrested you for DUI, you are likely to have your DUI case heard here.

DUI Defense in King County is becoming very difficult to defend due to many new negotiation policies instilled by the various prosecuting agencies.  It is imperative your Redmond DUI Attorney is familiar with the prosecuting agency involved in your case, the judge's assigned to the Redmond Courthouse and the local rules for handling your DUI case.

At the Webb Law Firm, our attorneys have appeared for hundreds upon hundreds of cases at the King County District Court in Redmond in defense of those accused of DUI.  We have also handled numerous other charges being heard in this courthouse, such as, Reckless Driving, Obstruction, Theft, Violation of a No Contact Order, Driving While License Suspended, etc.

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