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DUI Fees

"How Much is an Attorney Going to Cost Me?"

That is always a fair question and, of course, something which should be discussed before quickly hiring your DUI Attorney. You want results, not catchy Radio Ads and vanity 800 numbers! Our attorney has over 15 years of experience and has personally defended over 1,000 people accused of DUI in Washington State.  We offer Affordable Payment Plans!

The Webb Law Firm's typical DUI fees range from $3500 - $7500* 

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When determining the Washington State DUI Attorney that is right for you, make sure and consider these factors:

(1) The more inexpensive the attorney, the more likely you will get what you pay for as the old saying goes.

(2) Experience counts for everything.  Inexperienced attorneys usually charge a lower fee because they are just figuring out these types of cases, not Mr. Webb, he has personally defended over 1,000 people accused of DUI in Washington State.

(3) There are a lot of high turnover DUI firms (this would be your turn 'em and burn 'em DUI firms with expensive advertising on Radio and TV, etc.). Basically these firms need as many clients as they can obtain to cover their enormous payroll and advertising expenses.  At the Webb Law Firm we are more interested in providing you with exceptional service so that your referrals drive our business.

There is, of course, a bit of a variance in the price range, but that is due to many factors. Determining the exact fee quoted will require disclosure of a few details, including:

(1) What law enforcement agency arrested you?  (was it a Washington State Patrolman, a King County or Pierce County Deputy, a Seattle Police Officer, an MP on a Military base, etc.). It is a highly important detail for your Seattle DUI Attorney to know because the agency who arrested you determines where your DUI case will be filed and which prosecuting agency will be handling the case.

(2) We need to know where you were arrested? Was the DUI arrest in King County, in Snohomish County, Pierce County, Kitsap County, etc.  The reason it is important for us to know this, is that depending upon the county, DUIs are handled a bit differently.

(3) It is essential your Seattle DUI Lawyer knows whether you submitted to a breath or blood test or refused.  If you submitted to a breath or blood test and it is significantly high or significantly low, that will have a huge factor on the work involved in defending your DUI arrest.  Also, if you are alleged to have refused to participate in breath or blood testing, that is highly important in a DUI case as well.

(4) We need to know if you took the roadside field sobriety tests.   Whether you participated in these tests or declined them, it is an important factor in determining strategy, etc. The officers present these tests in a voluntary fashion but don't tell you that your refusal to take them will be brought up to a jury and that the prosecutor will argue you refused them because you are guilty.  See my advice on Field Sobriety Tests here.

(5) We absolutely must know if you have any prior DUIs. Obviously, if you have some history (one or more priors) your penalties increase and it will be a factor in correctly quoting a fee.

(6) We need to know if there was any accident involved in your case (whether you were at fault or not).  A DUI accident case requires much litigation and prosecutors and judges scrutinize these types of cases more intensely.

(7) Also, it is important to know whether you had any passengers in your car when stopped.  If you had passengers, this is also something prosecutors and judges will closely monitor when assessing your case and at a sentencing hearing.

These are just some of the factors which are necessary your DUI attorney is aware of before an accurate quote can be provided, that is why it is essential you schedule your free DUI consultation.

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*Although our fee range mentioned here is typical, when there are significant issues in your DUI case, the fees can be much higher (i.e., significant DUI history, multiple injuries, many passengers or witnesses, etc.).  Also, in some jurisdictions a trial fee will be added.  The trial fee would only be applicable if your case proceeds to trial, which you, of course, determine.  We will discuss with you the likelihood of success and drawbacks or advantages of taking a case to trial before any decision is made and approved by you. 

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