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  • DUI Dismissed for Lack of Reasonable Basis to Stop!

    March 2021

    Mr. Webb argued the State Trooper's reasoning for the stop of his client was unjustified.  A hearing to determine the validity of the stop was conducted and the judge, after review of the video and testimony of the trooper, agreed and dismissed the DUI charge.  State v. R.J. - March 2021 - King ... Read On

  • DUI Dismissed! December 2020 - City v. K.D.

    December 2020

    DUI Dismissed by the prosecutor's office after argument from Nate Webb the City lacked sufficient evidence to prove the Physical Control case.   Read On

  • DUI Dismissed! September 2020 -State v. P.W.

    September 2020

    Mr. Webb argued the State could not establish the Trooper in this matter had probable cause to arrest his client.  The court, upon reviewing the testimony, agreed and dismissed the case. Read On

  • Not Guilty .240 breath test! January 2020 State v. B.D.

    January 2020

    Nate Webb, managing partner of the Webb Law Firm, was able to obtain a Not Guilty (Acquittal) for a client alleged to have been DUI and Actual Physical Control of a motor vehicle while under the influence.  The defendant was alleged to have driven into the parking lot of a restaurant, blocked all... Read On

  • State v. A.P. - DUI Dismissed for no reasonable suspicion to stop!

    June 2019

    Client was stopped for alleged lane travel on I-90 Westbound and completed field tests then was arrested and submitted to a breath test over the per se (legal limit). An evidentiary hearing was conducted wherein Mr. Webb challenged the State's evidence of a valid stop based upon reasonable suspi... Read On

  • Auto Accident Settlement - $125,000

    July 2018

    We assisted a mother who was pregnant and rear-ended. Her son was born prematurely, but without injury.  Settled after mediation for $125,000. Read On

  • Auto Accident Settlement - $28,000

    May 2019

    Client was a passenger in a vehicle and was rear-ended.  After filing a lawsuit, the parties reached a settlement for 3x what was previously offered.   Read On

  • Auto Accident Settlement $100,000!

    May 2019

    Client was involved in a rollover collision in Bellevue.  Other driver claims it was our client's fault and that she had been drinking.  Closed out the case with the at-fault driver's insurance company for policy limits of $100,000! Read On

  • Not Guilty Verdict!

    July 2017

    Mr. Webb garnered a Not Guilty Verdict for his client who was charged with being in Actual Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor.  The client was approached by a King County Sheriffs Deputy (assigned to the City of Shoreline) and observed the vehic... Read On

  • DOL action dismissed! No License Suspension for Client!

    October 2017

    Nate Webb kept another clients drivers license from being suspended when he successfully argued the officer failed to adhere to protocol and the Washington Administrative Code when administering a breath test.  As a result the breath test results were suppressed at the administrative hearing an... Read On

  • DOL Dismissed! No License Suspension.

    June 2017

    Nate Webb argued to a DOL Hearing officer the blood results were inadmissible as there was no proof of who took the blood pursuant to required statutes.  The Hearing officer agreed and dismissed the DOL case against our client. Read On

  • DUI Dismissed!

    November 2017

    Mr. Webb was able to successfully negotiate a reduction of a clients DUI to Negligent Driving in the First Degree and as a result of the client following Mr. Webbs instructions in obtaining some materials ahead of the sentencing hearing, the clients case was reduced to Negligent Driving and di... Read On

  • DUI Dismissed!

    August 2016

    Nate Webb, the Webb Law Firm's managing partner, was able to garner a dismissal of a DUI clients' case in King County District Court by successfully establishing the identity of the client did not match the person who had been arrested.  King County District Court - State v. D.P. (2016) Read On

  • Assault 4th Degree (Domestic Violence) - Dismissed

    July 2016

    Attorney, Nate Webb, was able to garner a dismissal of a client's Assault 4th Degree (DV) case today.  Mr. Webb was able to convince the prosecutor the allegations by the alleged victim were not substantiated and the case was dismissed.  Read On

  • Dismissed! Violation of Ignition Interlock charge!

    April 2016

    Associate Attorney, Denis Globa, successfully argued for the dismissal of a client's charge of violation of an ignition interlock order.  Mr. Globa argued the basis for the initial stop of our client was impermissible and the court agreed, thereby dismissing the underlying offense!   State v. J.F. Read On

  • DUI Dismissed! State v. J.R. (Cascade Division, Snohomish County District Court)

    May 2016

    Associate Attorney Denis Globa had a judge dismiss a DUI case today based upon his argument that the trooper lacked reasonable suspicion to stop our client.  Using succinct argument, video evidence and case law, he was able to persuade the sitting judge the trooper exceeded his authority and the ... Read On

  • Dismissed! DOL v. G.R. - DOL administrative action

    November 2015

    A pending DOL suspension was averted due to our efforts in spotting a database recording wherein our client had actually blown below the legal limit.  The officer on the case indicated he inserted the original ticket incorrectly so he had our client submit two new samples which turned out to be a... Read On

  • Dismissed! - Hit and Run Attended Vehicle

    October 2015

    Mr. Webb represented a client in Longview, Washington and filed briefing referred to in the Washington State Judicial System as a Knapstad motion.  The motion essentially alleges that even if everything in the police reports and accompanying documents are true, the elements of the crime cannot be... Read On

  • Dismissed! DOL v. B.O.- DOL administrative action

    November 2015

    Nate Webb pointed out the inconsistencies in a client's breath test document and the hearing officer at the Department of Licensing agreed and dismissed the administrative action.  Everytime there is an administrative hearing, the DOL must establish four issues by a preponderance of the evidence ... Read On

  • NOT GUILTY VERDICT! DUI Jury Trial in King County District Court Seattle - September 23, 2015 State v. M.D.

    September 2015

    Client was alleged to have "swerved heavily" within his lane of travel, "almost strike another vehicle requiring the vehicle to take evasive action" and when contacted had "slurred speech, flushed face, strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot watery eyes" and then had to use the car "line a cane" to ba... Read On

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