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The Webb Law Firm defends those dealing with the consequences of a Seattle DUI arrest.  Our attorneys appear at either the King County District Court (Seattle Courthouse) or Seattle Municipal Courthouse on almost a daily basis to defend those in need of DUI defense.  We are your best source for a Seattle DUI Attorney.  Our attorneys have defended DUIs in these courts for well over 10 years and have the experience, composure and knowledge to effectively represent you on your Seattle DUI charge.

DUI charges in Seattle are heard in one of two courthouses, depending upon the lawenforcement agency by whom you were arrested for DUI.  If you were arrested by a Seattle Police Department officer, your case will be heard at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse. If you were arrested by a Washington State Patrol Trooper, King County Sheriff's Deputy or University of Washington Police Department officer, your DUI case will be heard at the King County District Court - Seattle Courthouse.

Seattle Municipal Court (600 5th Ave. on the corner of 5th Ave. and James Street. beside the King County Jail)

King County District Court - West Division (516 3rd Ave. - in between 3rd Ave. and 4th Ave. on James Street)

DUI defense in each of these courthouses actually varies quite a bit and it is imperative your Seattle DUI Attorney knows the prosecutors, judges and staff so that the local rules and other matters are handled according to the proper procedure.  The Webb Law Firm emphasizes DUI defense in Seattle, WA and has the results to back up the work it has provided to hundreds upon hundreds of clients.

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