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800 Numbers, Billboards and Radio Ads

DUI Advertising - What About those 1-800-DUI Guys?

Undoubtedly, you have seen/heard numerous attorneys advertising on the radio, using billboards, sending you letters or trying to draw you in with catchy 800 numbers.  That may be smart marketing, but it is just that, marketing.  By no means does advertising mean the attorney is the best DUI attorney out there and has the experience to properly handle your case. A lot of firms spend enormous amounts of money on advertising to get clients to call, but that doesn't qualify them as a top DUI firm. 

Look, there are tons of DUI attorneys to choose from and I always tell potential clients, talk to several attorneys, see what their experience is like, ask them questions like:

1) how many DUI trials have they had?

2) how many DUI trials have they won?

3) how many DUI cases have they actually had dismissed on the merits of their arguments?

4) who is the judge in the particular court they will be in?

5) how many DUI cases have they defended?  

Then in the end, go with your gut, go with who you feel is really looking out for your best interests. I have represented doctors, lawyers, police officers, FBI agents, tons of Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing employees, nurses, teachers, firefighters, etc. and I can tell you each case was important to me because I know it was important to them.

A DUI is a scary thing, you want intelligent, seasoned, hard-nosed defense, and with me, that's what you get.

I know the law and am extremely familiar with all applicable statues, cases and defenses. 

It's not wrong to be drawn in by those DUI billboards, 800 numbers and radio ads, but would you pick your surgeon that way, how about someone who would be investing your hard earned money!

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