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Depending upon who you were arrested by (i.e., law enforcment agency) your Lynnwood DUI charge will be filed in either the Snohomish County District Court of Lynnwood Municipal Court.  If your case involves an arrest by the Lynnwood Police Department your Lynnwood DUI arrest will be handled in the Municipal Court; however, if it was the Washington State Patrol or Snohomish County Sheriff's Office then your case will be heard in the South Division of the Snohomish County District Court.  These two courthouses operate very differently as do the prosecuting agencies.  As Lynnwood DUI attorneys, the Webb Law Firm's attorneys have the knowledge to handle your DUI arrest in either or both courthouses.

A Snohomish County DUI arrest has the offender facing mandatory minimum penalties if convicted.  The South Division courthouse has 3 judges assigned whereas the Municipal Court has only one.  The Webb Law Firm is familiar with all of these judges and their tendencies and rulings.  Call today if you have been charged with a Lynnwood DUI.

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