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August. My DUI charge has been reduced to reckless driving, and I am glad that I chose him as my attorney. And I am offering three reasons why I think so.

First, Mr. Webb is a hard-working man who completes his work in a timely manner. His work ethics are sincere and genuine. He provides a high quality of work to get your case reduced or dismissed. His knowledge about the DUI laws is substantial, and he is ready to answer questions that you might have or clarify confusions. I am not saying he had answers for every question that I had, but he provided answers within the best capacity of his knowledge, which I was satisfied. His work is done very promptly and gives you an update so you are aware of the work progress. For example, when I was curious if the police read the Miranda rights, he said he would let me know as soon as the body camera arrives. When it did, not only did he notify me but also he would play the audio clip over the phone so I could review what happened on that night.

Second, Mr. Webb is an effective and respectful communicator. He responds to your emails, phone calls, and messages very very promptly.I hired him when he was about to go on vacation. I wasn't really expecting to communicate with him, but when I left a message with his assistant, Nate called me within an hour while he was on vacation! I expressed my concerns, he assured me that he is going to work on this. Not only this, he has always responded to my email within 24 business hours. He sometimes would respond to my email on the weekends, which I thought he shouldn't or expected him to do so, since I believe he should have a life too. That's how prompt he is when communicating with his clients. He also would listen to your concerns and offer his answers as much as he can. While going through my DUI case, other issues came up that I thought potentially could affect this criminal charge. He assured that it wouldn't be the case. I was very much assured.

Lastly, unlike many other law offices, the reason working with him on my DUI made my experiences easier was his assistant Nicolas. Nicolas is very respectful. When Mr. Webb is not available, Nicolas will be always there to answer some basic questions or transfer your messages to Mr. Webb then he would get back to you very promptly. Having Nicolas as Mr. Webb's assistant made me feel like Mr. Webb's office is always accessible and approachable. There are some attorneys who would go “missing in action” once you hire them. But Mr. Webb's office would never do it to you.

For those above reasons, I would strongly recommend Mr. Nate Webb to defend your DUI cases. Not only his expertise in the DUI laws but also his communication skills and accessibility, your potentially awful experiences get be less awful with a better outcome.

– Andrew A.

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