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Court Locations in Washington State - Seattle DUI Attorney

Where is my DUI court appearance? Check the link below then call your DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb and I will get to work on your case. As a Seattle DUI Lawyer I'm experienced in each of these courts and can assist you with your DUI.

If you need a DUI Lawyer and know in what court you are scheduled to appear, then click the following link and check your next court date:

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King County District Courthouses:

  • King County District Courts (Website)
  • West Division ~ Seattle Courthouse (Website)
  • East Division ~ Redmond Courthouse (Website)
  • South Division ~ Burien Courthouse (Website)
  • South Division ~ Kent Courthouse (Website)

King County Municipal Courts:

  • City of Auburn ~ Auburn Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Bellevue ~ Bellevue Courthouse (Website)
  • City of Bothell ~ Bothell Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Des Moines ~ Des Moines Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Enumclaw ~ Enumclaw Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Federal Way ~ Federal Way Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Issaquah ~ Issaquah Courthouse (Website)
  • City of Kent ~ Kent Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Kirkland ~ Kirkland Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Lake Forest Park ~ Lake Forest Park Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Mercer Island ~ Mercer Island Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Renton ~ Renton Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of SeaTac ~ SeaTac Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Seattle ~ Seattle Municipal Court (Website)
  • City of Shoreline ~ Shoreline Courthouse (Website)
  • City of Tukwila ~ Tukwila Municipal Court (Website)

Snohomish (District) County Courthouses:

  • Snohomish County ~ District Courts (Website)
  • South Division ~ Lynnwood Courthouse (Directions)
  • Evergreen Division ~ Monroe Courthouse (Directions)
  • Cascade Division ~ Arlington Courthouse (Directions)
  • Everett Division ~ Everett Courthouse (Directions)

Snohomish County Municipal Courts:

  • City of Edmonds ~ Edmonds Municipal Court (Website)
  • City Everett ~ Everett Municipal Court (Directions)
  • City of Lynnwood ~ Lynnwood Municipal Court (Website)

Pierce County Courthouses:

  • Pierce County ~ District Courts (Website)
  • Pierce County ~ Municipal Courts (Website)

Seattle DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, has provided the above list of courts and locations as an easy tool for you to determine where you need to go and who to contact if facing a Seattle DUI. Call Seattle DUI attorney, Nate Webb, today for a free consultation!

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