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Bellevue DUI Attorney

A DUI charge in Bellevue, WA requires an experienced Bellevue DUI attorney.  The City of Bellevue is located a short drive across one of two floating bridges just east of Seattle, WA.  Bellevue is fast becoming its own metropolis and with this change in population, there are an increasing number of DUI charges.  When a Bellevue Police Department officer arrests an individual for DUI within the city limits, that person will be charged in the King County District Court (East Division - Bellevue Courthouse).

This courthouse handles all types of misdemeanor charges occuring within the city limits of Bellevue, WA.  If you are facing a Bellevue DUI arrest and require an experienced Bellevue DUI Attorney, the Webb Law Firm has a vast amount of experience in this courthouse.  There are two sitting judges and very experienced prosecutors handling the DUI charges in this courthouse, it is therefore, an absolute necessity that your Bellevue DUI Attorney has the knowledge, experience and familiarity with how cases are handled here.

The Webb Law Firm has handled hundreds of DUI cases in this courthouse and can assist you if you are in need of a Bellevue DUI Lawyer.  A DUI charge in Bellevue is very difficult to defend and you will need the experience we can offer to assist you with your DUI charge.

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