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JBLM DUI Attorney

If you were arrested at Joint Base Lewis-McChord for a DUI, give us a call right away.  Our attorneys are licensed to practice in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington (Federal Courthouse).

Joint Base Lewis-McChord DUI: If you were arrested on the base or at the JBLM base gates by military police, your case will be heard at the United States District Court (Federal Court).

JBLM DUI (WSP or Sheriff): If you were arrested near the base or just outside the gates by WSP or Pierce County Sheriff's Office or another agency not the military police, your case will be heard at the Pierce County District Court in Tacoma.

Give us a call to discuss your case if you are facing a JBLM DUI arrest - Call now (425) 522-4200 to discuss this case with your JBLM DUI Attorney.

As a member of our military your case is very important to us and we will offer a discounted rate for all active military members.  Remember also, you will be facing sanctions within your branch of the military even if not convicted. Many times simply being arrested for a JBLM DUI will preclude you from driving on base and require mandatory attendance at alcohol classes.

We want you to remain active in our military and don't want one mistake to ruin your military career, so call us right away if arrested for a JBLM DUI. Call today (425) 522-4200 or (206) 218-5532 to speak with your JBLM DUI Lawyers. 

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Mr. Webb offers a free confidential initial consultation to discuss your case and review your options and rights. Contact Mr. Webb today to schedule your meeting. *Not all cases are the same and each result can be different, no attorney can guarantee any outcome.