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What Am I Facing With a DUI Charge?

Seattle DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, has provided the following information regarding your DUI arrest: a Conviction for a DUI (RCW 46.61.502) is a gross misdemeanor with maximum penalties of up to 364 days in jail and a $5000.00 fine, a mandatory Ignition Interlock Device, mandatory probation of up to 5 years, requirement for SR-22 insurance, a license suspension and more. There are absolute, statutory, mandatory minimum penalties for those convicted of a Seattle DUI.

You need an experienced advocate to represent you if you have been charged with Seattle DUI or a Washington State DUI. Call today if you have been arrested for a Seattle DUI or need a Bellevue DUI Lawyer, Kirkland DUI Attorney, Lynnwood DUI Lawyers, Redmond DUI Attorneys, Everett DUI Lawyer, Tacoma DUI Attorney, Pierce County DUI Attorney, Snohomish County DUI Lawyers, King County DUI Attorneys or anywhere throughout Western Washington.

What is the legal limit in Washington?

Some cities post signs with drinking glasses and a proverbial red x or cross through the glasses. That infers there is no tolerance for drinking and driving, but guess what, it is NOT against the law. Many municipalities have instituted police patrols labeled "DUI Squads" to address drinking and driving within their communities.  No one condones DUI; however, the legislative intent is one which clearly allows persons to consume alcohol or marijuana and drive as long as they are not affected (under the influence). Unfortunately, the government has taken the position that somehow the legislature, even with the .08 and 5.0 ng/mL limits, really meant that our state is a no-tolerance state and nothing could be further from the truth.  This is why I vigilantly represent persons charged with a Washington State DUI (or BUI - operating a vessel under the influence).

DUI Immigrant Status

If you are not a United States citizen, you could be deported if convicted of a Seattle DUI. Put Seattle DUI attorney, Nathan Webb, to work for you, and ensure your status in this country is not affected.

Seattle DUI Lawyers' Information About Your Drivers License (you only have 7 days to respond)

Your privilege to drive is also at stake and the Department of Licensing (DOL) action against you starts as soon as you have been arrested for DUI. Regardless of whether criminal charges have been filed, you could lose your license for 90 days or more if you do not take immediate action. You may also be subject to ignition interlock requirements and SR-22 (high risk) automobile insurance.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is an extremely serious offense that is becoming more complicated to defend with each passing year in Washington. You need an attorney who is aware of all the new changes in laws regarding DUI and keeps up with these changes on a regular basis.

DID YOU KNOW? You can even be charged with a Seattle DUI if your BAC ("breath test") is below .08!

Washington's DUI Statute (RCW 46.61.502) provides in part:

(1) A person is guilty of driving while under the influence (DUI) of intoxicating liquor or any drug if the person drives a vehicle within this state

(b) While the person is under the influence of or affected by intoxicating liquor or any drug.

This means that a prosecutor only has to prove that you were "appreciably affected," that is, affected to any measurable degree.

Seattle DUI Attorney, Nathan Webb, makes make it a priority to stay educated on every aspect of Washington's ever-changing and strict Washington State DUI laws. You need someone to explain the complex consequences and penalties involved. Our Kirkland DUI Law Firm always offers a free consultation. Visit our results page and see what we've been able to accomplish for some clients.

FEES: A lot of people choose a product or service based upon the lowest fee as opposed to quality and experience. Keep in mind that the lowest quoted fee/bid from your prospective Kirkland DUI Lawyer may not necessarily be in your best interest: the DataMaster ("breathalyzer" you may have blown in to) when originally introduced in Washington State was selected because its original manufacturer, Verax, underbid the competition by thirty percent even though the State Patrol's own research showed that another machine "performed superior to the rest." So, when choosing a DUI attorney, consider that the experience, skill, and knowledge of the law and cases in Washington are how the Seattle DUI Attorney bases his or her fee.

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