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Deferred Prosecution client

Nate Webb was absolutely excellent! I do not think he realizes how appreciative I am of him. I understand I paid him and this is his career but he did a wonderful job. I had a review hearing over a month ago for a DUI. When I got to court was the first time I even heard about what it was for. The court told me I had multiple start up failures on my ignition interlock device back in January. Remind you this court hearing was in June (5 months later). I told my public defender I had no idea what the court was referring to. He told me he did not know what to tell me. Really? My court appointed attorney telling me he did not know what to tell me? The court was looking to revoke my deferred prosecution. This would have totally ruined my career. I was depressed about this but at the same time I knew I had to hire an attorney. So I called Nate Webb and he was totally helpful and kind. He actually cared and took the time to do some work to look into this(unlike my public defender). To make a long story short he got all the pictures taken from my device and the evidence was clear it was my ex girlfriend who had blown and failed into my ignition interlock. He got it dismissed. I am absolutely certain if I did not hire Nate the outcome would have been terrible. Thank you Nate I appreciate you. And I do know you gave me a very fair price. Thank you.
– Tim B.

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