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Outstanding! Not Guilty Verdict!

After 6 months of living life with a DUI (operator control) charge hanging in the balance, my case has ended with a win with my DOL hearing and a not guilty verdict at the end of trial. When I was searching for the best lawyer I could find, Nate stood out to me in a big way. Super lawyer is an understatement! Not only is Nate sharp, diligent and a lawyer that any prosecutor should be concerned about challenging, he is compassionate, cares deeply about his clients and I felt as though I had a friend by my side throughout the process. My case was unique in that the prosecutor wouldn't budge an inch and the judge shut Nate down at EVERY TURN. It was alarming to watch this unfold yet Nate handled these setbacks with a very calm yet firm response to them all. It just made him even more determined to win my case. The jury deliberated for approx. 20 minutes and came back with not guilty. We were able to speak to four of the six jurors and when asked what swayed them to not guilty, they were unanimous that it was Nate's closing that did it. His closing argument was stunning. He did it with passion and clarity leaving no doubt in the minds of the Jurors that a not guilty verdict was the right conclusion after a long day of testimony.

Nate changed my life and I will be forever grateful for what he did for me. If you are looking for a lawyer, a super lawyer, I think it's obvious who you want on your side. Nathan Webb! Thank you Nate,


– J.S.

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