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Should I hire an attorney when charged with a DUI?

Answer: it is undoubtedly in your best interest to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of DUI defense and to have them assist you with this very complicated area of law.

Do I need an attorney when charged with a DUI?

Answer: When facing a Washington DUI Arrest, you need an experienced Seattle DUI Attorney to assist you with the ever-changing laws and consequences of a DUI. The Webb Law Firm is known for its vigorous defense of Washington DUIs, so much so that we are respected by our peers, referred clients by prosecutors, judges and police officers. Why would people on the other end of DUIs (cops, judges, prosecutors) refer clients to us as Seattle DUI Lawyers, because we do a great job for every client and represent those charged with a Seattle DUI with the utmost respect and professionalism.

I was arrested for DUI, what can I expect?

Answer: As your Seattle DUI Lawyers, we know it is embarrassing and scary to be charged with a criminal offense, so we ensure that you are aware of the consequences of a Washington DUI at our first, free, consultation. From there we prepare your DUI defense by looking at the evidence against you, researching the breath test or blood results thoroughly and present our poignant arguments to the opposition. When necessary, as experienced Seattle DUI Attorneys, we conduct numerous DUI jury trials and have garnered excellent results.

Can my family attorney adequately represent me on a DUI?

Answer: While a DUI arrest to some lawyers seems straight-forward, it is much more complex than it appears and it takes years to become a great DUI lawyer.

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Did you know that an Ignition Interlock is required for any DUI conviction even if not alcohol related!

Currently any DUI conviction requires that the defendant only drive a motor vehicle with a functioning Ignition Interlock Device (IID), even if the arrest and conviction were not alcohol related.

Our managing attorney, Nate Webb was interviewed by KIROTVs Jesse Jones regarding this mandatory requirement for non-alcohol related convictions. 

Click HERE to see the interview and story by Jesse Jones. 

Do I have to report a Washington State DUI arrest to my employer?

Answer: It depends upon what job you are applying for, the status of the case, whether you have any union commitment to disclosure, whether you hold a professional degree.

How can I avoid the consequences of a DUI arrest?

Answer: before any arrest, the answer is simple, use a designated driver or ride service. After the arrest, hire a knowledgeable and respected Seattle DUI Law Firm, such as the Webb Law Firm, to assist you through this difficult process.

Can I keep my job as a driver if I have been arrested for DUI?

Answer: it depends upon what type of driver you are (Uber, Lyft, UPS, USPS) and the company you work for. You would want to look at any employment contract for reference.

Should I let my insurance company know if I have been arrested for a DUI?

Answer: absolutely not! Even if there has been an accident you do not need to disclose an arrest. Be sure and contact us right away for further advice in this area.

Is my license automatically suspended when arrested for DUI?

Answer: no. The DOL gives you a period of time to request a hearing after a DUI arrest and will not suspend for the first 30 days. You must ask for a hearing with the DOL by filling out a Request for DUI hearing form.

Why can't I just represent myself on a DUI?

Answer: Obviously it is your right to represent yourself on any matter, but when charged with a DUI you need knowledge and experience in the field of DUI. Some attorneys are great at family law matters, or construction matters, but when you are facing a DUI, you need experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable and respected DUI lawyers. Our firm has the knowledge and experience you need when facing a Seattle DUI arrest. Our results are unmatched, we have numerous Not Guilty DUI verdicts and we have thousands of satisfied Washington State DUI clients so call today!

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Why, because we are in high demand and are known experts in the area of Washington DUI defense and have unparalleled results!

Watch our video showing how you can:

  1. order a driver's record,
  2. check the status of your DL,
  3. apply for a DOL hearing and
  4. apply for a restricted license (Ignition Interlock Driver's License)

Did you know you can be charged with a DUI even if you didn't take a breath test?

We all know you can be charged with DUI if within two hours of driving you register a breath test over .08 under what is known as the "per se" prong of the DUI statute in Washington. But, did you also know under the statute for DUI (RCW 46.61.502) a person may be prosecuted for a DUI if they were "affected by" intoxicating liquor and/or any drug. This means the law enforcement officer's subjective and objective determinations as to your ability to drive may be sufficient to convict you for DUI. So in that situation, if you were arrested for DUI and the breath test machine didn't work and the officer felt you were impaired, without an experienced DUI attorney, you are facing the officer's word against your word. If you were the subject of a DUI arrest in Washington state it is imperative you have experienced, seasoned, trial-tested representation. Call today for your free consultation (425) 522-4200.

What happens if I Refuse to take a breath or blood test?

Under the Implied Consent Warning in Washington State, when a driver first obtains their driving privilege they agree and it is "implied" they will submit to a test of their breath or blood upon the reasonable request of a law enforcement officer if that officer suspects the individual of Driving while Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs. When a person refuses to take a breath or blood test it triggers Department of Licensing sanctions, that is, the DOL will seek to suspend your privilege to drive for at least one year (two years if you are ultimately convicted in criminal court). Therefore, it is very important to ask to speak with an attorney before making the decision, there will always be an on-call public defender if you are unable to reach your preferred attorney by phone and it is advisable you speak with him/her so that they can assist you in making that determination because of the impact on your driver's license.

If I refuse a Blood test can the cops just take my blood anyway?

Blood tests are typically only taken when an officer obtains an approved search warrant for blood from a judge. The officer will put together an affidavit to submit to the judge (yes even at 3 in the morning) and the on-call judge may simply approve it by email. At that point the officer has the authority to take your blood, via an approved individual (nurse, physician, technician, anyone trained in the withdrawal of blood). Now if you refuse to submit to the blood draw there are two trains of thought: (1) in a DUI case use of excessive force (i.e., tying you down to take your blood) may be frowned upon by the court but there is no definitive case on this, but seeing as how it is only a misdemeanor law enforcement would be best advised to simply indicate the subject refused rather than forcibly withdrawing the blood; however (2) in a Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide case the court's tend rule in favor of forcible withdrawal of blood as these are felony cases and the evidence may eliminate quickly over time necessitating the use of force. In any event always ask to speak with an attorney even if you have to ask repeatedly.

Additionally, ALWAYS ask for an independent blood draw so that your defense attorney can have your blood independently tested for accuracy and reliability, it is your right!

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