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Am I going to go to trial?

Is my case likely to go to trial?

The simply answer is that it depends, but increasingly DUI cases are proceeding to jury trial.  Even on first offense cases, DUIs are exceeding being presented to juries.

Whether you may go to trial will all depend upon: (1) the jurisdiction you are in, (2) any prior offenses you may have and when, (3) if there was an accident, (4) if you took a breath test or if you refused, (5) did you have passengers, etc. 

Prosecutors are taking the position that every DUI defendant is a piece of garbage.  DUI defendants are treated worse than those that abuse their spouses or girlfriends, seriously!

Whether your case will proceed to trial is really a matter of one thing, does your attorney have the guts to take it to trial? I've seen so many attorneys convince their client to plead as charged once the case is on the eve of trial that it makes me sick to my stomach.  Have a I plead a client guilty as charged, yes, but only when that client was insistent.

With respect to whether you should just give up (as some attorneys might advise their client) is simply this:

"If they aren't giving you anything then you don't have anything to lose!"

Every time I'm at jury call (the hearing before the actual trial date) I see all the regulars, meaning all my colleagues that are prepared to fight for their clients.  But I also notice another significant thing, those so-called "experienced DUI attorneys" who will "fight for you" that are spending so much time sending letters to your home or posting clever blogs or youtube videos in an effort to get you to hire them, are conspicuously absent from the courtroom.  Why, because they are not truly interested in fighting for you but are interested in moving on to the next client's case.I'm going off on a tangent here, but this is important.

These attorneys employ a smoke and mirrors approach to representing clients.  These are the attorneys who claim they researched the BAC machine thoroughly and didn't find any issues, so we should just plead guilty or the State will ask for more jail time if we go to a jury trial and lose.  Or that they got the police officer's history of reports and didn't find any discrepancies favorable to your case and the State will be asking for more jail time if you proceed to trial and are convicted.  Just a side note, any time I have ever had a client convicted after a jury trial and the State has asked for more jail time 99.9% of the time the judge has followed my recommendation.  Is this beginning to sound familiar? Did you hire an attorney like that?

The point is, that yes DUIs are likely going to go to trial if there is not some favorable ruling at a motions/evidentiary hearing which results in the suppression of evidence or dismissal of the case.Any attorney that is practicing DUI defense in Washington who has not personally taken a DUI case to jury in the last couple of months is simply not doing any real work, isn't protecting their client's interests and liberty and is just interested in making money.

Make sure, and I cannot stress this enough, to ask your potential Seattle DUI attorney, when was the last Not Guilty verdict they garnered for a DUI client. I've said it before, a number of so-called DUI attorneys out there have never done that.

Our firm has, numerous times, see our results here!Search engine rankings, clever videos, flashy letters sent to your home, and Italian suit wearing attorneys just can't compete with results!

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