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Will a Lawyer Help my DUI?

Will a Lawyer Help my DUI?

If you have been arrested for DUI, you only have 7 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing with the Department of Licensing or else you will automatically lose your license for at least 90 days.  An experienced DUI lawyer (Nate Webb has over 17 years of experience) will assist you with the DOL hearing and then when your DUI case is filed make sure your rights are protected.

So how can a lawyer help with your DUI - well for starters, unless you have been through the courtroom process 1,000s of times you will be outmatched when faced with a DUI Charge.  Nate Webb has appeared in Federal Courts, Superior Courts, District Courts, Municipal Courts over 10,000 times in his 16 years as a DUI Lawyer.  In a DUI case, the judge knows the rules, the government prosecutor knows the rules and you need someone to walk you through this gauntlet of procedures, forms and hearings.  Having an experienced DUI attorney on your side is essential as there are many times motions can be filed to challenge various portions of your DUI arrest, for example, did the officer have reasonable suspicion to stop you (was there a reason to stop you), did the officer or trooper have probable cause to arrest you, were you read the proper forms (are the forms up to date under the Implied Consent Law), was the breath test administered correctly.  Those among a number of other issues could arise in your case and having an experienced Washington State DUI Lawyer on your side is your best chance at the best possible DUI outcome.  

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