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Not Guilty! Best Lawyer in Washington State - hands down!

I was not familiar with attorneys in Washington State, so whomever may be reading this review I wanted to make sure I would select an Attorney who was not only competent and well versed in law but also someone with whom I felt I could trust to represent me to the best of his abilities.
Fortunately after reading several reviews and a conversation with several different law firms I selected Mr. Nathan Webb, Webb Law Firm.
It was a sound decision as not only was I found NOT GUILTY for DUI but Mr. Webb also beat the charges by the DOL.

To you the reader many details could be written but what was important, Mr. Webb was always willing to discuss my concerns and always responded to my questions. I am no expert to the law and the court process. I was able to recall details about the arrest but not aware as to what would be relevant. Mr. Webb would inform me as to what the court would consider important and what details would be considered irrelevant. The trial went almost exactly as he had prepared me to expect. The process is long from start to finish but Nathan Webb went the distance.

Mr Webb also made it affordable with payments. The entire process went as smoothly as possible when you are in this situation. If you are in Washington Sate this is the lawyer you want representing you. I feel truly blessed that I had Nathan Webb in my corner.

B. D.

– B.D.

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