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  • DUI Dismissed! State v. J.R. (Cascade Division, Snohomish County District Court)

    May 2016

    Associate Attorney Denis Globa had a judge dismiss a DUI case today based upon his argument that the trooper lacked reasonable suspicion to stop our client.  Using succinct argument, video evidence and case law, he was able to persuade the sitting judge the trooper exceeded his authority and the ... Read On

  • Dismissed! DOL v. G.R. - DOL administrative action

    November 2015

    A pending DOL suspension was averted due to our efforts in spotting a database recording wherein our client had actually blown below the legal limit.  The officer on the case indicated he inserted the original ticket incorrectly so he had our client submit two new samples which turned out to be a... Read On

  • Dismissed! - Hit and Run Attended Vehicle

    October 2015

    Mr. Webb represented a client in Longview, Washington and filed briefing referred to in the Washington State Judicial System as a Knapstad motion.  The motion essentially alleges that even if everything in the police reports and accompanying documents are true, the elements of the crime cannot be... Read On

  • Dismissed! DOL v. B.O.- DOL administrative action

    November 2015

    Nate Webb pointed out the inconsistencies in a client's breath test document and the hearing officer at the Department of Licensing agreed and dismissed the administrative action.  Everytime there is an administrative hearing, the DOL must establish four issues by a preponderance of the evidence ... Read On

  • NOT GUILTY VERDICT! DUI Jury Trial in King County District Court Seattle - September 23, 2015 State v. M.D.

    September 2015

    Client was alleged to have "swerved heavily" within his lane of travel, "almost strike another vehicle requiring the vehicle to take evasive action" and when contacted had "slurred speech, flushed face, strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot watery eyes" and then had to use the car "line a cane" to ba... Read On

  • Dismissed! - BUI (Boating Under the Influence)

    March 2015

    BUI dismissed after evidentiary hearing.  The State alleged my client was operating a vessel under the influence while at Seafair.  After hearing argument from Mr. Webb, the Judge of the District Court, dismissed the matter for a lack of probable cause to arrest for the offense.  Case Dismissed!  Read On

  • Not Guilty! - DUI Jury Trial

    November 2014

    Seattle DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, obtained yet another Not Guilty result for a DUI client. The evidence alleged my client was seend driving nearly 20 MPH over the speed limit, had bloodshot watery eyes, the odor of alcohol, slurred speech, was unsteady in balance, failed every single field sobriet... Read On


    September 2014

    DUI Jury Trial = Not Guilty! Nate Webb obtained another Not Guilty for a DUI client on September 9, 2014 in King County District Court in the matter of State v. R.K. (Case No. - C00718811). Two Troopers with the Washington State Patrol presented testimony to the jury and alleged my client drove... Read On

  • NOT GUILTY VERDICT! - DUI Jury Trial (Physical Control)

    July 2014

    Not Guilty DUI (Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence) Jury Verdict! Client was alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol when he was found inside his parked car on the side of 3rd Ave. N in Seattle, WA.  Client was alleged to have parked his car in the Macy's loading... Read On

  • Dismissed! - Assault 4th Degree

    May 2014

    Assault 4th degree charges dismissed with prejudice (City cannot refile these charges). Client was alleged to have struck a bartender at the now defunct Munchbar in Bellevue, WA.  During business hours it is alleged my client had a verbal altercation with the bartender and then grabbed and repea... Read On

  • DUI accident case with blood draw of .37 reduced to Negligent Driving!

    August 2014

    Recently (August 2014) I resolved a client's case regarding a DUI charge.  The significance of this resolution was due to our persistence in litigating this matter.  This particular client came to me after having driven his car off the road at Sand Point Way in Seattle, WA.  The client was taken ... Read On

  • DUI, Hit and Run and Reckless Driving Charges Dismissed! No evidence of driving. BAC .211/.217

    April 2014

    A King County District Court Judge dismissed my client's DUI, Hit and Run and Reckless Driving charges.  My client was alleged to have driven into an electrical outlet box, run over a stop sign and proceed to drive away down a dead end street.  One eyewitness went with police to identify the truc... Read On

  • DOL Dismissal! BAC of .184 and .180 - No License Suspension!

    September 2014

    Client was alleged to have driven by officers in such an extreme manner his car made a "swooshing" sound as it passed.  The client then allegedly failed all field sobriety tests and submitted to a breat test at the station which produced results of .184 and .180. Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb,... Read On

  • DUI Dismissed for denial of right to private conversation!

    March 2014

    My client's DUI charge was dismissed with prejudice after an evidentiary hearing. On March 10, 2014 I argued to a judge in King County District Court that my client's right to have a private conversation was denied and that, additionally, due to the police department's policy of "purging" (i.e.,... Read On

  • Not Guilty - Hit and Run Attended Vehicle

    November 2013

    Not Guilty (acquittal) for client who was charged with Hit and Run Attended Vehicle.  Not to toot my own horn, but I was fairly confident the jurors would see the travesty of justice being presented to them by a very spiteful, bitter, prideful prosecutor.  Both investigating troopers concluded no... Read On

  • DOL Dismissal! BAC .177 and .180

    October 2013

    Today I was happy to receive a ruling from a DOL hearing officer dismissing my client's license suspension.  The client was alleged to have swerved over three lanes of travel, failed field sobriety tests, and record a breath test over twice the legal limit.  My argument was that the officer admin... Read On

  • DUI Dismissed! BAC .219 and .217

    March 2013

    Client was alleged to have driven off of the road on State Route 203, was treated by EMTs and blew a .250 into a Portable Breath Test.  At the station, after arrest, client was alleged to have blow a .219 and .217 into the breathalyzer (BAC Datamaster).  Mr. Webb successfully argued there was ins... Read On

  • Not Guilty DUI Verdict!

    February 2013

    Not Guilty DUI Refusal!  Client was alleged to have been speeding, to have left her lane of travel four times, performed three sobriety tests (which the trooper alleged she failed all three) and refused a breath test at the station!  Case No. C00864975 State v. D.E. Read On

  • (Another) Case Dismissal!

    February 2013

    Criminal trespass case dismissed!  The City, after hearing argument from Mr. Webb, agreed to dismiss client's case of criminal trespass with prejudice (cannot be re-filed).  City of Bellevue v. W.H. -Case No. BC0170590 BEP Read On

  • DUI dismissed for lack of evidence of driving

    January 2013

    Today my client's case was dismissed because the judge held, after I convincingly argued, there were insufficient facts to support a Driving Under the Influence charge.  The State filed the case as a DUI, when in fact, there was no evidence of "driving."  The Court gave the State an opportunity t... Read On

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