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Supposedly "New" breath test machines implemented by Washington State Patrol.

Posted by Nathan Webb | Nov 05, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Washington State Patrol implements "new" breath test machines across the state, problem is they aren't "new!"

Today an article was published by a local news agency which discussed the implementation of the new breath test machine in Washington state for sampling of breath when persons have been arrested for DUI.  It is called the Draeger Alcotest 9510 and is set to replace the DataMaster and DataMaster CDM.

The news article did seem to omit a very interesting fact however; this "new" machine has actually been sitting at the Washington State Patrol's impaired driving unit section (Roanoke Station) for approximately 4 years.

Interestingly, I recently cross-examined one of the Washington State Patrol breath test technicians during a jury trial and we openly discussed the fact the Washington State Patrol had 86 Draeger Alcotest 9510s just sitting around, in fact, she admitted they had been sitting around for approximately 4 years and that it, the WSP, was waiting until it acquired a total of 200 machines before implementing them statewide. That conversation was less than one week ago, on the record, under oath in King County District Court (West Division), then lo' and behold we have an article published which informs the public 83 of the 86 machines are being implemented.

Either this breath test technician lied under penalty of perjury or she was poorly uninformed about the breath test section's plans for implementation of the Draeger.  Regardless, the fact of the matter remains that these "new" machines are not new by any stretch of the imagination and since they have been literally sitting around not being used on a daily basis, I personally am curious to know how long the intricate interior workings of the machine have been maintained and whether there has been deterioration.

Only time will tell how these "new" machines hold up, but rest assured, your Seattle DUI attorneys at the Webb Law Firm will always challenge the government's evidence because it continues to use old methods of testing based upon outdated testing principles.

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About the author: In his 10 plus years of practice, Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb, has been repeatedly named a Super Lawyer Rising Star by Washington Law and Politics Magazine and a Top Attorney for DUI Defense by Seattle Metropolitant Magazine and has numerous Not Guilty DUI verdicts and dismissals under his belt.

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Nathan Webb

Nathan "Nate" Webb has been repeatedly recognized by Washington Law and Politics Magazine as a Super Lawyer Rising Star, named one of Seattle's Top Attorneys by Seattle Met Magazine and is rated Superb (perfect 10 out of 10) by


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