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Lamar Odom and Mike Budenholzer (Hawks new coach) both busted for DUI within days of each other...

Posted by Nathan Webb | Aug 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

Last night troubled NBA star Lamar Odom was arrested for an alleged DUI on California's 101 Highway and was released after being held in custody for 3 1/2 hours.  He is alleged to have refused a blood/breath test at the station when asked.  We will see how things turn out for Mr. Odom, I hope he hires an excellent DUI attorney.

One night earlier long-time assistant coach of my favorite NBA team (San Antonio Spurs) was arrested for DUI.  He is alleged to have also refused a chemical test when requested but did admit to only consuming one glass of wine about 1 hour earlier.  Mike has entered a plea of Not Guilty and I see why, here is what his attorney said:

"While at the jail, after consulting with an attorney by telephone, he immediately volunteered to take both a breathalyzer and also requested that a blood alcohol test be performed. His request for testing was refused. Immediately upon his release on bond, Coach Budenholzer went directly to Piedmont Hospital where his blood was tested at the earliest opportunity, albeit several hours after his arrest. The official report from the hospital blood test revealed that his blood alcohol concentration was less than .01, well below the legal limit of .08."

Here is what the Trooper says in his report:

...Budenholzer "had bloodshot and watery eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath" after the stop, and that Budenholzer said "he had one glass of wine to drink prior to driving [at] around 9:15 or 9:30 pm and that he finished drinking about 15 minutes before" the stop.

Hmm sounds kinda fishy, if he was a .01 and the cop smelled the strong odor of alcohol, something is rotten in Denmark.  Let's hope Mike gets this straightened out so he can start his new coaching job without any baggage.

This Labor Day weekend keep in mind there is an increase in DUI Patrols given the holiday, Bumbershoot, and other events.  It is best not to drive after drinking, but if you have and need an excellent Seattle DUI Attorney, call the Webb Law Firm (425) 398-4323.  Before you take any test at the station make sure you speak with an attorney.

DO NOT TAKE FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS on the road, they are absolutely subjective and designed to make anyone who takes them fail, in my honest opinion.

I hope everyone enjoys a very safe and happy Labor Day weekend and really take the time to remember what this Holiday is all about....goofing off and playing hooky on Monday!

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