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Wrongful Death

A Wrongful Death is devastating, and those at fault must pay!

Nothing is worse than the loss of a loved one and if you have unfortunately found yourself here searching for help, know that we are sorry for your loss but at the same time, eager to seek the compensation you and your family deserves!

Whenever a loved one's passing has been the result of another's negligence or malice, we want you to know we will fight for you and your family to garner justice! Children may have lost a parent, a spouse may have lost a companion, parents may have lost children (one of the most devastating things a parent may face) and the loved ones left behind require justice for their loss, so please call us today if the passing of a loved one was due to a negligence (i.e., a Wrongful Death). Call now! (425) 522-4200

Accidents unfortunately occur where a fatality is the result.  We understand your pain and need for justice, we will fight to get that for you and your family.  Many of these deaths could have been avoided but due to the negligence of another or a business, etc. it happened, and we want to help you garner justice for the lost loved one and make certain another death is prevented.  

Our Wrongful Death Attorneys will fight for justice for you and your family, please call us today!

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Our offices are conveniently located on the Eastside and it is easy to meet with your Kirkland Wrongful Death Lawyers, we of course, can also come to your location to discuss your wrongful death claim. 

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If a loved one passed due to the negligence of another (Wrongful Death) please call us today. (425) 522-4200.

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