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Social Security Disability (SSDI/SSI) Claims

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Have you Been Denied a SSDI or SSI Claim?

Believe it or not it happens more often than you think upon initial application. This is why it is essential to have the Webb Law Firm assist you with the process of having your claim handled correctly, especially when you have suffered a permanent disability to ensure you receive, fair, appropriate compensation.

We will assist you with submitting your claim, reconsideration if initially denied and, if necessary, for a hearing with an administrative law judge. We assist in gathering your medical documentation, creating summaries regarding your daily limitations, etc. in order to get your claim approved.

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We help people get their disability claim approved! 

Why do you need an SSDI Attorney?

Because 75% of people have their initial claim denied!

How Can I Find Out If I Qualify For Disability Income?

How the Social Security Administration (SSA), determines whether you qualify is a 5 step test:

1. SSA will ask: "Are you currently working?" If they are aware you are employed and make over a specific amount of monthly income, you will likely not qualify. The monthly income amount changes annually, here is how to find the most current figure (monthly income cutoff amount). If you are not employed or if the monthly income you make is less than the cutoff, SSA will determine if you have a qualifying medical condition.

2. SSA will determine if your: "Condition is severe.” To meet the SSA definition for disability, your ability to do "basic work" activities for at least the past year is significantly limited.  If you don't meet this "severe" standard, you claim will be denied.  

3. SSA will determine if your condition: Meets its criteria (listing)? This is where a lot of claims are denied, SSA has a proprietary list of medical conditions they consider "severe" enough to keep a person from gainful employment.  If the disability/ailment isn't on their list SSA will evaluate whether the disability is similar enough to the other conditions on the list.  If it is similar, your claim may move forward, if not it will be denied. If it is similar, then SSA moves on to the next step.

4. SSA will determine whether you: Can Do The Same or Similar Work You Used To? SSA will determine if your condition/impairment keeps you from doing what you previously did, if not, they will determine you don't qualify, if you are unable then the determination moves to the final step, step 5. 

5. Finally, SSA will determine: What other type of work are you capable of performing? When unable to do the same job you used to do, SSA will determine if there is any similar work you can perform regardless of the condition/impairment.  If you are unable to do either type of work, SSA determines if you qualify as disabled.  If you are able to do other types of work, your claim will be denied. 


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