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W.L. v. State of Washington "thank you"

This review is not only a personal thank you to Nate but one amazing recommendation to anyone in need of his particular expertise. It's been a long time coming but 4 years ago Nate Webb and his services changed my life! He and his staff when needed were always available and despite my hounding would get back to me or even my family members when I was awaiting bail. Long story short.... I had never been arrested before and in a hard time in my life I was arrested twice in 2 weeks. With few options other then great reviews on the internet I turned to Nate. After my first free consultation he gave it to me real. He told me to seek treatment before the courts ordered it, he even recommended affordable options. Overall he prepared me for the long road ahead in so many ways. When court time came he was amazing. He owns the court room and makes you feel like you couldn't be in better hands. And trust me against our system it doesn't get much better then him. After 2 court dates he had my DUI charge of blowing a .217 dismissed. Never even went passed a hearing. He gave me a second chance and even gave my family free counsel after my dumbass screwed up probation for my second charge. Nate sorry it took so long to write this but thank you for everything! 4 years later I still have ur card in wallet and send people ur way! -WL v. King co.

Nathan Webb, Attorney at Law

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Nathan Webb is a Superb-rated Seattle Attorney by and has been repeatedly named a SuperLawyer Rising Star and recognized as a "Top Attorney" in Washington State by Seattle Met Magazine. He helps people with Auto Accident Injury claims, Social Security Disability Claims, DUI charges and civil traffic offenses throughout the Greater Seattle Metro Area

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