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I have never been in trouble of any sort, so you can say I was scared out of my mind! I had been mis-informed by someone that you should refuse all tests to check for alcohol. BIG mistake!! after landing my butt in jail I was informed the next day I would lose my license for one year!! I work 45 min away I couldn't let this happen. To the rescue...Nathan Webb. He represented me to the licensing department and pointed out mistakes the police made. To the point, I never lost it :) I could never drive with one of those machines, not with my line of work (not to mention humiliation) I also got my DUI dropped to a lesser offense. He's the best!

Nathan Webb, Attorney at Law


Nathan Webb is a Superb-rated Seattle Attorney by and has been repeatedly named a SuperLawyer Rising Star and recognized as a "Top Attorney" in Washington State by Seattle Met Magazine. He helps people with Auto Accident Injury claims, Social Security Disability Claims, DUI charges and civil traffic offenses throughout the Greater Seattle Metro Area

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