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Greetings from Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb

Recent DUI Jury Trial results:

  • DUI - NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = DUI Jury Trial (King County District Court - Seattle - Sept. 2015 - State v. M.D.)

  • DUI - NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = DUI Jury Trial (Upper Kittitas County District Court - Nov. 2014 - State v. C.H.)

  • DUI - NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = DUI Jury Trial (King County District Court - Sept. 2014 - State v. R.K.)

  • PHYSICAL CONTROL - NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = DUI/Physical Control Jury Trial (Seattle Municipal Court - July 2014 - City v. A.K.)

Seattle DUI Attorney

Nate Webb

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Seattle's Best DUI Results

Reviews of Seattle's Best DUI Lawyers 

We are Here to Help You Through This!  Best Seattle DUI Attorneys

Here is what just a couple of the hundreds upon hundreds of DUI clients had to say about us:

Case Dismissed!

"Mr Webb was excellent!  His court presence was phenomenal.  It was easy to see that by far I had the best lawyer in the courtroom.  He kept me informed of all the possibilities and gave me the information I needed to make decisions during the entire process.  I will have no problem referring Nathan Webb.  He was great. The case was dismissed!  Thanks Nathan!"

  • DUI Client - Michael M.

Not Guilty DUI Verdict!

"I was referred to Nathan Webb from a personal friend who is a lawyer and sit in judge. Not a fun process for anyone but Mr.Webb was totally on the ball and we had police video to prove the charge was not right. Nathan did not back down when the judge was showing his preference for the prosecuting attorney. This was a jury trial and he nailed it with a closing that was very moving and to the point. I would Highly recommend if you ever need a Confidante Attorney to fight for you, Nathan Webb is the guy!!"

  • DUI Client– Christy H.

Super DUI Lawyer Credentials

Some very common questions people who contact us often ask include:

1. How can a DUI possibly be defended?

2. Where do I even begin to search for the Best Seattle DUI Lawyer?

3. Who is the Best Seattle DUI attorney?

When people ask and search online for the Best Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb and the Webb Law Firm are always at the top of that list.

Our firm has been repeatedly recognized as DUI "Top Attorneys" by Seattle Met Magazine.

Our firm always shows up when people search for the Best Seattle DUI Attorney on search engines.   We are in high demand and are known experts in the area of Washington DUI defense. We always offer a free DUI consultation so call today!

To be listed as the Best Seattle DUI Attorneys, we undoubtedly have the proven DUI results which back up those claims. When selecting your Washington State DUI attorney you need search no further than the Webb Law Firm, we are your Seattle DUI Law Firm! Always offering a free consultation, we pride ourselves on a straight-forward, no pressure to the point consultation. Our promise to you is to do our absolute best in garnering you the outcome you deserve when charged with a Washington DUI.

A DUI conviction in Washington State can have very serious consequences: (1) it is a permanent conviction (2) it will preclude entry into Canada (3) you may lose your job (4) you will have to go to jail. In order to avoid those consequences of a DUI conviction, you need to contact Seattle's Best DUI Attorneys at the Webb Law Firm.  We are your elite Seattle DUI Firm and Mr. Webb is recognized as one of Seattle's Best DUI Lawyers.

Mr. Webb's credentials include:

  • Repeatedly honored as a DUI Super Lawyer Rising Star by Washington Law and Politics magazine (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014). Only 2.5 percent of the attorneys in the state are named to the Rising Stars list - only a fraction of the DUI attorneys out there were on that list.

  • Always rated as a Superb DUI Attorney - (perfect 10.0 out of 10.0 - highest rating for a Seattle DUI Lawyer).

  • Repeatedly Recognized by Seattle Met Magazine as a Top Attorney in the State of Washington in the area of DUI/DWI Law.

  • Selected to train Washington Breath Test Technicians and Toxicologists on how to provide courtroom testimony.

  • Unmatched DUI Dismissals and DUI Not Guilty Verdicts!

For over a decade, Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb, at the Webb Law Firm has been delivering excellent Washington State DUI Defense. As some of the best Seattle DUI Lawyers, we have exceptionally proven results.  Our firm is considered one of the Best Seattle DUI Attorney firms in the State of Washington.  

Our DUI Defense firm applies numerous creative defenses to each client's case which has produced exceptional results and established our reputation as some of Seattle's Best DUI Attorneys!

At the Webb Law Firm we focus on exemplary DUI RESULTS! Just click on our reviews to hear from just some of the hundreds upon hundreds of DUI clients we have assisted in Washington State.  Our main office is located on the Eastside where many refer to us as the Best Kirkland DUI attorneys!

Who We Represent

The Webb Law Firm's clients are from all walks of life, ranging from lawyers, doctors, registered nurses, chiropractors, Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing employees, FBI agents, musicians, teachers, restaurant and bar owners, software engineers, police officers, pilots, and one previous Superbowl Champion!

Our firm has the knowledge and experience you need when facing a Seattle DUI arrest. Our results are unmatched, we have recent (not years old) Not Guilty DUI verdicts. We have hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied Washington State DUI clients so call today!


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Recent Case Results

  • A pending DOL suspension was averted due to our efforts in spotting a database recording wherein our client had actually blown below the legal limit.  The officer on the case indicated he inserted the original ticket incorrectly so he had our client submit two new samples which turned out to be a... Read On

  • Mr. Webb represented a client in Longview, Washington and filed briefing referred to in the Washington State Judicial System as a Knapstad motion.  The motion essentially alleges that even if everything in the police reports and accompanying documents are true, the elements of the crime cannot be... Read On

  • Nate Webb pointed out the inconsistencies in a client's breath test document and the hearing officer at the Department of Licensing agreed and dismissed the administrative action.  Everytime there is an administrative hearing, the DOL must establish four issues by a preponderance of the evidence ... Read On


  • Compassionate and Collaborative

    No one wants to hire a DUI attorney, yet DUIs are a fact of life for many and not one that many are proud to share the experience of having gone through. Nate operates from an exceptional playbook of tactics to cover the bases but also personalizes and modernizes his approach based on current case law, facts, and particulars related to your incident. He defends thoughtfully, carefully, and mindfully and beyond just being a defense attorney, he has gained respect and standing with prosecutors and judges who take his presence on a case seriously. He is consultative in his approach, spends a great deal of time educating on core concepts and legal precedents, and many years later, Nate has been willing to tie off some final loose ends of a case that is many many years old. I highly recommend Nate and strongly encourage you to consider him should your personal situation require such focus. Read On

  • Deferred Prosecution client

    Nate Webb was absolutely excellent! I do not think he realizes how appreciative I am of him. I understand I paid him and this is his career but he did a wonderful job. I had a review hearing over a month ago for a DUI. When I got to court was the first time I even heard about what it was for. The court told me I had multiple start up failures on my ignition interlock device back in January. Remind you this court hearing was in June (5 months later). I told my public defender I had no idea what the court was referring to. He told me he did not know what to tell me. Really? My court appointed attorney telling me he did not know what to tell me? The court was looking to revoke my deferred prosecution. This would have totally ruined my career. I was depressed about this but at the same time I knew I had to hire an attorney. So I called Nate Webb and he was totally helpful and kind. He actually cared and took the time to do some work to look into this(unlike my public defender). To make a long story short he got all the pictures taken from my device and the evidence was clear it was my ex girlfriend who had blown and failed into my ignition interlock. He got it dismissed. I am absolutely certain if I did not hire Nate the outcome would have been terrible. Thank you Nate I appreciate you. And I do know you gave me a very fair price. Thank you. Read On

  • Routine Traffic Stop

    I was charged with a DUI and resisting arrest on a routine traffic stop that arose from a traffic stop. After being pulled over, I exited my vehicle upon the officers request and made a phone call which resulted in me being tackled from behind. My chances looked very grim. Nathan informed me that taking a plea bargain would not be a bad choice, but after witnessing his presence in court I decided to pursue trial. Both sides presented their case well, but with charisma, compelling arguments, and additional information found and presented by Nathan my case was dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a well spoken attorney, regardless of the cases circumstance. Read On

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*Every DUI case is different and the outcomes displayed on our Results page do not imply that your Seattle DUI case will necessarily end similarly.  Under the Rules of Professional Conduct, no attorney may guarantee results.

Nathan Webb, Attorney at Law


Nathan Webb is a Superb-rated Seattle DUI Attorney by and has been repeatedly named a SuperLawyer Rising Star and recognized as a "Top Attorney" in Washington State by Seattle Met Magazine. He helps people accused of DUI and related offenses throughout the Greater Seattle Metro Area

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