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Repeatedly Recognized As One of Seattle's Best DUI Attorneys

Nate Webb, an Experienced Seattle DUI Lawyer with Proven DUI Results!

"Mr Webb was excellent!  His court presence was phenomenal.  It was easy to see that by far I had the best lawyer in the courtroom.  He kept me informed of all the possibilities and gave me the information I needed to make decisions during the entire process.  I will have no problem referring Nathan Webb.  He was great. The case was dismissed!  Thanks Nathan!"

Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb

In his practice of 10 years, Mr. Webb has been repeatedly recognized as one of Seattle's Best DUI Attorneys. Seattle DUI Defense is Mr. Webb's primary area of emphasis.  He is your Seattle DUI attorney!  See his exemplary RESULTS! On numerous occasions he has been named a Super Lawyer Rising Star by Washington Law and Politics magazine. Only 2.5 percent of the attorneys in the state are named to the Rising Stars list - only a fraction of the DUI attorneys out there were on that list.  Nathan Webb, is also a SUPERB DUI ATTORNEY - (perfect 10.0 out of 10.0 - Additionally, Mr. Webb was recognized by Seattle Met Magazine as a Top Attorney in the State of Washington for 2012 in the area of DUI/DWI Law.

Have you been looking through search engines trying to find a great Seattle DUI Attorney?  It's tough to find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable.  What I can tell you about me is that I have produced exceptional DUI RESULTS* Seattle's DUI Law Firm, the Webb Law Firm, has delivered fantastic outcomes for hundreds upon hundreds of clients (ranging from lawyers, doctors, Microsoft employees, musicians, police officers, and former professional athletes) charged with criminal offenses! Exceptional RESULTS* are the best measure of a truly experienced Seattle DUI attorney - direct solicitation letters, blogs, clever websites and high search engine rankings really can't compare to the only valuable asset you need, results!  You deserve a DUI Attorney who has experience, knowledge and proven DUI results.

Here are some examples of defenses to a DUI arrest:

  • Corpus deliciti (Latin for "body of the crime" what this challenge entails is establishing whether the prosecution can prove you were the driver - I had a client's DUI dismissed for this very reason and my client was alleged to have blown a .219 on the BAC Datamaster.  In April of 2014, I had another client's charges for DUI, Hit and Run and Reckless Driving dismissed because the City was unable to establish that, but for my client's admission to driving, he was the actual driver.  This defense is key to many cases and must be artculated by an experienced Seattle DUI Lawyer to be effective.)
  • Lack of Reasonable Suspicion to Stop (this is the first reason an officer might have to contact you in a DUI investigation, it is also the lowest burden of proof and is difficult to beat, but there are many occasions wherein there can be a challenge to whether or not the officer had a legitimate reason for contacting/stopping you. Here are just some examples of what courts have held to be reasonable suspicion for an officer to contact you - speeding, having a headlight or taillight out, forgetting to turn on headlights at night, changing lanes without a turn signal, swerving, weaving, driving too slow, expired tabs, talking on a cellphone, driving too fast for conditions - I had a client's case dismissed who failed to signal exiting a grocery store, then performed very poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a .13 - the prosecutor agreed the officer had no reason to contact my client because it was not illegal for him to exit a grocery store without signalling.  Another example of a case I had dismissed was when the officer simply stopped my client for conducting a u-turn on a city street - there was no posted "no u-turn" signs and my client did not impede traffic; therefore, there was no basis for the officer to have stopped her)
  • Unlawful Detention (did the officer have a legitimate reason to detain you instead of just citing you for an offense and letting you leave - an example is when the person arrested was detained by an initial officer for having done nothing beyond the initial traffic violation and the officer asks for a DUI officer to come to the scene - many courts have held it is unlawful for the officer to hold you for an unreasonable amount of time while awaiting another officer to come evaluate whether you are DUI.  This is especially true if the stopping officer did not observe indicia of intoxication but holds you for an assessment by a more experienced officer)
  • Probable cause to arrest (Did the officer have cause to make an arrest?) Here it would be necessary to evaluate whether you did Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs), how was your speech, was it allegedly slurred, what about your eyes, were they bloodshot and watery or droopy, what about your balance, did you have a flushed face, did you admit to drinking or smoking marijuana, etc. - this is a very common challenge and applicable in most DUI cases - I've had a number of cases dismissed because the officer was unable to establish a reason for making an arrest - I had a case wherein my client wrecked into the side of a Jack n the Box restaurant and was held at the scene by the officer while she was on the medic's stretcher, she later had a blood draw of .17 at the hospital - the judge dismissed for lack of probable cause to arrest because the officer was unable to articulate a reason for arresting her beside just the odor of alcohol and accident which he didn't witness)
  • Admissibility of the breath test - in Washington State, law enforcement utilizes the BAC Datamaster and BAC Datamaster CDM machines to test your breath - I often challenge the admissibility of the breath tests or blood tests results on procedural and administration grounds - that is, did the officer follow the protocols such as following a 15 minute observation period, did the officer check your mouth prior to the test, did the officer change mouthpieces for each test, did you put anything in your mouth, such as your fingers, drink any water, vomit, etc.  did you have any foreign substance in your mouth, such as a tongue ring, tobacco, gum, etc., was there an incomplete or invalid sample, was there an ambient fail, did the machine have its Quality Assurance Procedure (QAP) conducted within the last year, was the simulator solution changed in the last 60 days, etc.  Was there a denial of your right to counsel if requested, meaning did you ask to speak with an attorney before the breath testing but the officer was unable to put you in touch with someone to discuss the ramifications of taking a breath test or refusing or did the officer outright deny you acces.  Other procedural issues can be raised to challenge the admissibility of the breath tests (see my CDL argument below).  There are numerous other defenses a seasoned DUI attorney must look for when evaluating whether a breath test was performed properly and I do this on each and every case.
  • Admissibility of the blood draw -  if your case involved a blood draw, I always order the testing procedures and protocols from the Washington State Toxicology Lab so that I may evaluate the admissibility.  Most blood draws now require a warrant to be admissible, so I want to evaluate the validity of the warrant, whether were you provided with a copy of the warrant, whether you were given a receipt of the property taken (i.e., your blood), I also want to determine if the toxicologist followed the protocols and procedures provided for by the State Toxicologist when testing your blood, was the person who drew your blood authorized to do so under the Washington Administrative Code and Revised Code of Washington, did they take two vials, did the vials have an anticoagulant and enzyme poison in them, was there a proper chain of custody with respect to your DUI blood draw, etc.  Additionally, did you request a separate blood draw by any qualified person of your own choosing and were denied?
  • Implied Consent Warnings for Breath or Blood - did the officer read you these required warnings prior to your test (it is required you be read these warnings prior to your breath or blood draw when arrested for an alcohol or Marijuana DUI - this is especially important if you are a CDL holder, many times officers forget the additional CDL warnings on the Implied Consent Warnings sheet must be read to a CDL holder even though they were operating their personal vehicle - that is, "for those not driving a commercial motor vehicle at the time of arrest: if your driver's license is suspended or revoked, your commercial driver's license, if any, will be disqualified.)  Now the truth is you are actually facing a one year revocation of your CDL on a first offense, not just 90 days as is implied on the form, and a lifetime revocation for any subsequent offense.  Also, if you had consumed both alcohol and marijuana, did the officer read you the THC warnings now provided in the ICWs, or if you were under 21, did the officer read you those applicable warnings?

Other challenges (there are numerous other challenges a DUI Lawyer can make in defense of your case, each case must be evaluated independently to determine which applies, so call me today for a free consultation).  Each case is different and sometimes a jury trial may be the only avenue to pursue if none of the challenges above apply to your case.  If that is the case, I am prepared to take your case to a jury.

A DUI arrest is embarrassing and stressful and the process is long and complicated.  I can guide you through the gamut of laws and administrative applications via the Department of Licensing (DOL) you will face when charged with a Washington State DUI. DUI defense in Seattle (and the surrounding areas) is my area of emphasis.  I have taken dozens of DUI cases to jury trial and argued for hundreds upon hundreds of clients who have been charged with a DUI, producing fantastic results.  Feel free to search my name throughout the various search engines and you will find glowing Client Reviews.

Whether the case is a:

  • Washington State DUI (alcohol, prescription drugs, huffing of chemicals, etc. or Marijuana DUI)
  • Physical Control (DUI wherein the officer didn't see you drive but you were behind the wheel)
  • Boating Under the Influence (BUI) - Operating a Vessel Under the Influence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Negligent Driving
  • Hit and Run
  • DWLS (Driving while your license was suspended or revoked)
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana
  • Furnishing Liquor to Minors

or other criminal offense, the Webb Law Firm is your best choice.  Seattle DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb has the experience and knowledge to handle your case. When facing a Seattle DUI arrest, you need an experienced DUI lawyer who can properly defend your case.

A DUI charge is serious offense, it is a gross misdemeanor, meaning the maximum penalty is up to 364 days in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.  Considering the consequences of a DUI conviction, you will want to closely monitor your potential DUI attorney for expertise in the field, familiarity with judges and prosecutors, and overall knowledge of the process.

Your Washington State DUI lawyer - the Webb Law Firm has an extremely high success rate* for those facing a Washington State DUI. What that means is the vast majority of clients have either had their cases dismissed, had a Not Guilty verdict after trial, or had the original DUI charge reduced to a lesser offense. Seattle DUI Attorney, Nathan Webb, has been practicing in Washington State since 2004. Since that time, the Webb Law Firm has emphasized solely Washington State DUI Defense. Mr. Webb's Seattle DUI firm is experienced, aggressive and understands how to defend persons accused of DUI. Mr. Webb has a solid reputation with DUI prosecuting attorney's in each City and County of vigorously defending those accused of DUI.

It's hard to find the right Seattle DUI attorney out there, so take your time, check out my site, call with questions about your DUI charge and I will be happy to assist you. Undoubtedly, you have seen there are numerous DUI lawyers out there claiming to be "experienced" and it can be difficult to find the right one for you.  The Webb Law Firm understands reaching a decision about which Seattle DUI Attorney is right for you is daunting.

I highly recommend you do your research and ask around for a referral before making a quick decision based on blogs, search engine ads, search engine rankings or letters sent by attorneys directly to you utilizing scare tactics ("you are subject to arrest" "you face jail").  Those letters are meant to scare you into hiring an attorney, you are smarter than that!

Who To Hire is very important and it is essential that your DUI Attorney have actual DUI trial experience and understands how to handle themselves in the courtroom, especially in front of a jury.  Some DUI attorneys out there have never been in front of a jury, seriously!

I invite you to check out the Webb Law Firm's Seattle DUI RESULTS* page and know you won't be disappointed.  You will always have me assisting you with your case, you won't be lured into my firm then shuffled off to some inexperienced associate.  You don't need to search any further than the Webb Law Firm, this is your DUI Law Firm!

NOTE! - If arrested for a DUI, I highly advise you request a hearing to challenge any license suspension.  You only have 20 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing.  There is a hearing request fee of $375 -This is what I think about that change in fee: DOL hearing fees increase to discourage people from challenging suspensions!...this is a blatant attempt to discourage due process

Seattle DUI Attorney - Seattle DUI Lawyer

Call today to speak with Nate Webb, a seasoned, proven Seattle DUI lawyer who stands by his results and client testimonials. Each year Driving Under the Influence is becoming increasing difficult to defend and Washington State has some of the strictest laws in place for offenders. It is in your best interest to obtain knowledgeable and experienced representation from an experienced DUI attorney. A Washington State DUI charge is a serious offense and if you have been arrested, you need to take immediate action to safeguard your rights. DUI laws in Washington change frequently and DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, makes it a high priority to keep current with new statutes and case law. He often has other DUI attorneys ask him questions about the changes in the laws and how they apply to their clients.  DUI Penalties

For COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE (CDL) Holders! - the Department of Licensing is very strict when it comes to persons charge who hold a CDL. The penalties are higher and even a first offense, whether you are in your Commercial Vehicle or not, may result in at least a 1 year suspension. A second conviction will result in a revocation for life! If you hold a CDL and were charged with or arrested for a DUI, you need to call Seattle DUI Lawyer Nate Webb today!

Contact your DUI Lawyer, Nate Webb, today! (425) 398-4323.

Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb is an active member of the following associations/organizations:

  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Citizens for Judicial Excellence
  • American Bar Association
  • Phi Delta Phi Legal Honor Fraternity

Nate Webb is licensed to practice in the following courts:

  • State of Washington (Superior, District and Municipal Courts)
  • United States District Court - Western District of Washington (Federal Court)
  • Washington State Supreme Court (Washington's Highest Court)
  • United States Supreme Court (Highest Court of Law in the Country)

*Every DUI case is different and the outcomes displayed on our Results page do not imply that your case will necessarily end similarly.  Under the Rules of Professional Conduct, no attorney may guarantee results.

Attorney Nathan Webb


Nathan Webb is a top-rated Seattle DUI Attorney by Avvo and has been repeatedly named a SuperLawyer Rising Star and recognized as a "Top Attorney" in Washington State by Seattle Met Magazine. He helps people accused of DUI and related offenses throughout the Greater Seattle Metro Area

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