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Greetings from Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb

Recent DUI Jury Trial Results:

  • DUI - NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = DUI Jury Trial (King County District Court - Seattle - Sept. 2015 - State v. M.D.)

  • DUI - NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = DUI Jury Trial (Upper Kittitas County District Court - Nov. 2014 - State v. C.H.)

  • DUI - NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = DUI Jury Trial (King County District Court - Sept. 2014 - State v. R.K.)

  • NOT GUILTY VERDICT! = Physical Control Jury Trial (Seattle Municipal Court - July 2014 - City v. A.K.)

Seattle DUI Attorney

Nate Webb

Russian Speaking Attorney (Русский говорящий адвокат)

Denis Globa

Reviews of Seattle's Best DUI Lawyers

A couple of our over 1,000 DUI clients had this to say:

DUI Case Dismissed!

Mr Webb was excellent!  His court presence was phenomenal.  It was easy to see that by far I had the best lawyer in the courtroom.  He kept me informed of all the possibilities and gave me the information I needed to make decisions during the entire process.  I will have no problem referring Nathan Webb.  He was great. The case was dismissed!  Thanks Nathan!

DUI Client - Michael M.

Not Guilty DUI Verdict

I was referred to Nathan Webb from a personal friend who is a lawyer and sit in judge. Not a fun process for anyone but Mr.Webb was totally on the ball and we had police video to prove the charge was not right. Nathan did not back down when the judge was showing his preference for the prosecuting attorney. This was a jury trial and he nailed it with a closing that was very moving and to the point. I would Highly recommend if you ever need a Confidante Attorney to fight for you, Nathan Webb is the guy!

DUI Client– Christy H.

If you are looking for the Best Seattle DUI Lawyers in Seattle and want to get the Best Seattle DUI Results, Call Now (425) 522-4200!

"Our promise to you is to do our absolute best in garnering you the outcome you deserve when charged with a Washington DUI."
- Nate Webb

Some very common questions people who contact us often ask include:

  1. How can a DUI possibly be defended?
  2. Where do I even begin to search for the Best Seattle DUI Lawyer?
  3. What makes the Best Seattle DUI attorney?

Nate Webb and the Webb Law Firm always show up when people search for the "Best Seattle DUI Attorney" and "Best Seattle DUI Lawyers" on search engines.  Why, because we are in high demand and are known experts in the area of Washington DUI defense.

Our firm has been repeatedly recognized as DUI "Top Attorneys" by Seattle Met Magazine and to be listed as the Best Seattle DUI Attorneys, we undoubtedly have the proven DUI results which back up those claims.

When selecting your Washington State DUI attorney you need search no further than the Webb Law Firm, we are your Seattle DUI Law Firm! Always offering a free consultation, we pride ourselves on a straight-forward, no pressure to the point consultation.

Call Today (425) 522-4200! We know how to get the job done!

Things to consider when selecting your DUI attorney are that a DUI conviction in Washington State can have very serious consequences, including but not limited to:

  1. it is a permanent conviction
  2. it will preclude entry into Canada
  3. you may lose your job
  4. you will lose your license
  5. you will have to get an ignition interlock device
  6. you will have to get high-risk insurance
  7. you will have to go to jail.

In order to avoid those consequences of a DUI conviction, you need to contact the Best DUI Attorneys in Seattle at the Webb Law Firm. We are your elite Seattle DUI Firm and Mr. Webb is recognized as one of Seattle's Best DUI Lawyers, so choose wisely.

Mr. Webb's credentials include:

  • Repeatedly honored as a DUI Super Lawyer Rising Star by Washington Law and Politics magazine (2009, 2010, 2012, 2014). Only 2.5 percent of the attorneys in the state are named to the Rising Stars
  • Always rated as a Superb DUI Attorney - (perfect 10.0 out of 10.0 - highest rating for a Seattle DUI Lawyer).
  • Repeatedly Recognized by Seattle Met Magazine as a Top Attorney in the State of Washington in the area of DUI/DWI Law.
  • Selected to train Washington Breath Test Technicians and Toxicologists on how to provide courtroom testimony.
  • Unmatched DUI Dismissals and DUI Not Guilty Verdicts!

For over a decade, Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb, at the Webb Law Firm has been delivering excellent Washington State DUI Defense. Our firm consists of some of the Best Seattle DUI lawyers in the State of Washington.

Our DUI Defense firm applies numerous creative defenses to each client's case which has produced exceptional results and established our reputation as some of Seattle's Best DUI Attorneys! Call now for your free consultation (425) 522-4200.

At the Webb Law Firm we focus on exemplary DUI RESULTS! Just click on our reviews to hear from just some of the hundreds upon hundreds of DUI clients we have assisted in Washington State.  Our main office is located on the Eastside where many refer to us as Kirkland's Best DUI attorneys!

A DUI Can Happen to Anyone and We are Here to Help You!

The Webb Law Firm's clients are from all walks of life, ranging from lawyers, doctors, registered nurses, chiropractors, Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing employees, FBI agents, musicians, teachers, restaurant and bar owners, software engineers, police officers, pilots, and one previous Superbowl Champion!

Our firm has the knowledge and experience you need when facing a Seattle DUI arrest. Our results are unmatched, we have recent (not years old) Not Guilty DUI verdicts. We have hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied Washington State DUI clients so call today!

We always offer a free DUI consultation so call today!
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Recent Case Results

  • Associate Attorney, Denis Globa, successfully argued for the dismissal of a client's charge of violation of an ignition interlock order.  Mr. Globa argued the basis for the initial stop of our client was impermissible and the court agreed, thereby dismissing the underlying offense!   State v. J.F. Read On

  • Associate Attorney Denis Globa had a judge dismiss a DUI case today based upon his argument that the trooper lacked reasonable suspicion to stop our client.  Using succinct argument, video evidence and case law, he was able to persuade the sitting judge the trooper exceeded his authority and the ... Read On

  • A pending DOL suspension was averted due to our efforts in spotting a database recording wherein our client had actually blown below the legal limit.  The officer on the case indicated he inserted the original ticket incorrectly so he had our client submit two new samples which turned out to be a... Read On


  • Compassionate and Collaborative

    No one wants to hire a DUI attorney, yet DUIs are a fact of life for many and not one that many are proud to share the experience of having gone through. Nate operates from an exceptional playbook of tactics to cover the bases but also personalizes and modernizes his approach based on current case law, facts, and particulars related to your incident. He defends thoughtfully, carefully, and mindfully and beyond just being a defense attorney, he has gained respect and standing with prosecutors and judges who take his presence on a case seriously. He is consultative in his approach, spends a great deal of time educating on core concepts and legal precedents, and many years later, Nate has been willing to tie off some final loose ends of a case that is many many years old. I highly recommend Nate and strongly encourage you to consider him should your personal situation require such focus. Read On

  • Satisfied beyond belief!

    Let's just start with how much I wish I was as good at my job as Mr. Webb is at his. His skills as an attorney are second to none, especially in the DUI field. When I had my incident, it was the scariest day of my life. The minute the handcuffs went on, my heart dropped and my world stopped. I started sinking into a hole of despair and confusion that continued on into multiple days. Lawyer after lawyer, answering machines and receptionists... nobody seemed to really care about me. Then I called Webb Law Firm, and within 10 seconds, Nate was on the line with me. The minute I got on the phone with him, my entire situation started to reverse. His compassion for me and my situation, his intellect on the subject matter, and his genuine and limitless drive in helping me through my predicament was beyond what money can buy. He instantly became my friend, and gave me a strong hand to pull myself up with. But then came the technical side. You will not find an attorney that is as dynamic, knowledgeable, agile, and dedicated as Nate. From the first day I met with him until the culmination of my proceedings, I firmly believed that I was his only client and his entire firm was working solely on *my* case. I had a career in jeopardy and zero experience with any criminal matters, and Nate skillfully, patiently, and downright artfully guided me through the process, side by side with me the entire way. And my case was a complicated one. My first hearing affirmed my confidence in Mr. Webb as I compared his demeanor, preparedness, and professionalism in the courtroom with the other counselors - nobody else even came close. And one day, when the courts made a mistake, Nate acted with aggressiveness and intuitiveness that was simply incredible... capitalizing on our advantage with precision and tenacity that immediately got my charges dismissed. I got a ticket, no license suspension, and NOTHING else. Don't get me wrong. Driving under the influence is something I will never do again. The experience changed my life and has given me an incredible understanding on impaired driving that I barely understood before. But Nate gave me a second chance. Without him, my career would be over, my finances would be destroyed, and my self worth would still be sinking. I owe everything to Mr. Webb for what he did for me. And the best part of it all? Nearly FIVE YEARS after he represented me, I sent him an email with a clerical question regarding my previous infraction. He immediately replied, solved my question, and seemed to have forgotten nothing about my case. As far as I am concerned, Nathan Webb will be my attorney for ever, and the stand up man that helped me through one of the worst moments of my life. Thank you Nate. Read On

  • Terrified

    I was terrified after my DUI. Nate was sympathetic to my fears and was clear with me about what to expect. As a result of Nate’s hard work my DUI was dismissed. I would recommend Nate to anyone. He really is amazing!! Read On

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*Every DUI case is different and the outcomes displayed on our Results page do not imply that your Seattle DUI case will necessarily end similarly.  Under the Rules of Professional Conduct, no attorney may guarantee results.

Nathan Webb, Attorney at Law


Nathan Webb is a Superb-rated Seattle DUI Attorney by and has been repeatedly named a SuperLawyer Rising Star and recognized as a "Top Attorney" in Washington State by Seattle Met Magazine. He helps people accused of DUI and related offenses throughout the Greater Seattle Metro Area

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